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I have been a freelance hairstylist now for the past four years and I have been in the beauty industry for just under 10.  I graduated from hair school at MC College in Edmonton, Alberta and have developed a strong passion for the wedding industry.

Working in various salons over the years, I realized that working for someone else just wasn't for me. The industry was caddy and competitive and I had lost my passion for hair.  Working for different people over the years made me hate my job.  It felt like a chore and I dreaded going into the salon everyday.  I was miserable.  People were telling me how to do my job rather than  allowing me to express my own style and visions. I felt stuck.  I left the industry for a short period of time and then decided to start up my career again but solo.

When I began concentrating more of my time on the wedding industry, that is when I found my  true love for hair again.  I now have the freedom to express my own sense of style and challenge myself to create new and better ideas.  I love being given the opportunity to create someone else's vision and help them bring it to life!


Being part of a brides day feels absolutely amazing!! First of all, for having someone trust you on one of the biggest days of their lives is so gratifying.  Seeing all the love and positivity the morning of the wedding really makes me really appreciate my job.  I get to meet so many amazing people who truly make me feel appreciated as a stylist.  


When people ask me what my favorite part about doing wedding hair is, I would say seeing the look on a brides face when she sees the final look put all together!  It truly is the best part of my job.  

Photography: @brzph0t0graphy
Flowers: @flowersbywillows
Makeup: @hpmakeupsrtistry
Design: @hitchedbyjoelle
*Featured in the Ruffled Blog

When I am not styling wedding hair, I absolutely LOVE collaborating with other vendors for styled shoots!  Some of my work has been featured in Blush Magazine, Wedding Bells Magazine, Confetti Magazine and the Ruffled Blog.  


I have worked with some very talented ladies and I am so grateful that I had the chance to be part of some amazing ideas/shoots.  


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