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Bridal Hair Guide

This post is specifically for brides who don't know where to start when it comes to selecting their hairstylist for their big day! You need to decide what look you are going for and what your overall style is. People often ask me how would I describe my "style" when it comes to hair. I would definitely define my style as relaxed/carefree/romantic/bohemian all tied into one. I LOVE when hair looks done but undone at the same time. Hair always looks best when it doesn't look like you spent hours doing it!

My hope is that by the end of this post, you will have more confidence and knowledge to help you choose the perfect hairstylist who will help you achieve the overall look that you have in mind and who will best suit your style.

As wedding season is now upon us, I thought I would help some brides out with some of my professional opinions when it comes to picking your wedding hairstylist and some important styling tips to take into consideration for your big day!


Let's start off with some of the basics first shall we...


The first thing you need to do is obviously find a hairstylist, that is, if you don't already have one. Finding a hairstylist can be very overwhelming and not to mention STRESSFUL! Surprisingly, there are a lot of hairstylists who do not feel comfortable doing updos/brial hair. Ensure that you ask a head of time so you are not wasting your time and money. You want to book with someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing!

The best way to find someone experienced and who best suits your style is to do your research! Read client reviews and check out their profiles/websites prior to booking to ensure their style suits yours.

I would highly suggest sending a message or calling to inquire about their pricing prior to booking an appointment to see if they are within your budget. Every stylist is different, so make sure you feel comfortable with their prices and it is something you can afford.

That brings me to my next point...You get what you pay for. If you are paying $20 for an updo, it will most likely look like you paid $20 for your updo. I am also not saying spend a million dollars, however, keep in mind if you want someone experienced who knows what they are doing, expect to be paying bit more. Trust me though, it will be worth it and you will thank me later. You're welcome.


A lot of brides think bridal trials are a waste of money. You are wrong. I tell all of my brides to schedule a trial with me because most of the time this is the first time I am meeting you. I don't know what your hair is like nor do I know what your style is like. Even if you have been going to the same hairstylist for years, a trial gives you a better idea of how your hair will look the day of your wedding and you can see how you and your hairstylist get along on a personal level if you are meeting for the first time. Both you and your hairstylist will feel a lot less stressed the morning of if you have a set game plan!

A trial is also the best way for you to try out different styles with your hairstylist and play around! What does it look like up? What does it look like down? What does it look like to the side? Do I want it all up or do I want some pieces down? What will a braid look like? This is the time where you want to ask a TON of questions so you and your hair stylist are both on the same page!


Communication is one of the most important things when you are deciding on your bridal hair. If you are not on the same page as your hairstylist, you are destined for failure! Talk to your stylist. Tell them what you like and what you don't like. We are not mind readers. We don't know what is going through your mind and this is why you need to tell us so we can help you make your hair dreams come true!

I always tell my clients that if I am doing something they do not like or they do not feel comfortable with, PLEASE TELL ME! You are the boss and this is your big day! Don't be afraid to tell us NO.

Congrats! You found your hairstylist. Now what?! ...


Here are important styling tips to go over with your hairstylist...


Volume is probably one of my most favorite things! (Ask anyone who knows me!). The bigger the hair the closer to God, am I right?! I always say that "volume is similar to contouring... but for your head". It can completely change the look of any style instantly!

Lets be honest. Flat hair isn't cute... No girl wants flats hair on their wedding day. This is where volume comes in! If is is done properly, it can make any hairstyle look bomb, especially in your wedding photos!!! Again, talk to your stylist so they understand what you are comfortable with and how much volume is too much volume.


Pictures do speak a thousand words so make sure you find some inspiration photos to bring with you to your bridal trial! This will show your hairstylist the look that you are going for and if it is in their opinion "realistic". When I say realistic, that means is it doable.

A lot of women sit in my chair thinking I am going to miraculously grow their hair 9 inches. Sorry, I do not have magical powers (although I wish I did). Your hairstylist will give you their professional opinion on if the photo you like will work with your hair. For example, Pinterest gives a lot of women false hopes when it comes to hair. I personally have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. It makes my job harder as now I have to explain to my client that the hair she wants is actually a wig or the photo she is showing me is filtered. However, Pinterest does give some great ideas on different styles. So talk to your hairstylist and see what your "realistic" options are.

Please do not get disappointed when we tell you that we can make you look like Beyonce for your wedding day. We are telling you the honest truth. We will do our best, however, keep in mind everyone's hair is different. Every woman is different. Some have straight hair, some have curly hair some have short hair and some have long hair. Everyone is different!


Now let's talk extensions. Extensions are a great way to spruce up your look a bit! There are many different options to choose from. Just to name a few, there are tape ins, clip ins, weaves, beaded...and the list goes on! If you have never worn extensions, please talk to your hairstylist about which option would work best for you!

For weddings I usually suggest clip ins as they are the easiest and you can take them out the same night! Also, if you haven't worn them before, clip ins are easy to use and you are able to use them again!

Extensions not only add length, but can also add volume as well! Some women don't need the length but want their hair to feel thicker and look fuller! Extensions can give you that.

Again, before purchasing any, talk to your hairstylist as they are an investment and you want to be well educated before fully committing. Your hairstylist will inform you how to properly take care of them and how to install them correctly.

Thanks for reading! Happy planning! xo

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